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Until now, the benefits of Amazing Glaze have only been available through auto dealers. For the first time, you have direct access to buy and apply Amazing Glaze at home.


The chemistry behind Amazing Glaze means serious value - available to you for the first time. Click each heading below to learn more.

Protecting the Value and Appearance of your automotive investment

In order to maximize the residual value of your automotive investment, it is imperative to keep your car looking its very best.

Amazing Glaze has been formulated to protect and preserve the showroom shine of your new car for up to 7 years - and beyond. Its advanced nanopolymer formulation ensures complete protection against fading, oxidation and damage caused by UVA and UVB rays, as well as repelling acid rain, industrial fallout and other pollutants.

Amazing Glaze also protects against damage caused by snow, ice, salt, bird lime and insects.

Total protection against the power of the sun

The formulations of all other paint sealants offered at car dealerships or detail shops rely on modified silicone and UV sacrificers, which are slowly degraded by the sun. This soon results in loss of gloss and color fading. The advanced nanopolymer technology of Amazing Glaze stands up to provide a constant layer of protection against damaging rays.

Utilizing the cutting edge of nanotechnology and polymer science, Amazing Glaze creates a molecular level cross-linked covalent bond with paint. The result is a hard, smooth, impregnable surface which shrugs aside sunlight and never needs retreatment or touchups.

Keeping your new car clean and looking its best has never been easier

With Amazing Glaze, bugs and dirt never come into contact with delicate, unprotected paint.

Just wash, rinse and dry.

Or feel free to run it through an automatic car wash!

Ultra hard Amazing Glaze helps protect your car against scratching and swirl marks caused by spinning brushes and oscillating mops.

Benefits of Amazing Glaze

  • Protects against damage caused by ultraviolet rays
  • Protects against acid rain and industrial fallout
  • Protects against color fading and oxidation
  • Protects against snow, ice and salt
  • Helps protect against bird droppings and insects
  • Prolongs the paint life of your vehicle
  • Easier washing with no waxing or polishing required
  • No retreatment needed to maintain protection
  • Maintains showroom shine - guaranteed!