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Amazing Glaze Complete Kit

Amazing Glaze Complete Kit

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Amazing Glaze is our most comprehensive commercial sealant for vehicle paint.  Amazing Glaze is used by auto dealers as first rate protection against UV rays, acid rain, color fading, oxidation, snow, ice, salt, bird droppings and other environmental factors which challenge automotive finishes.  

When applied at a dealer with a new or used vehicle purchase, Amazing Glaze is often provided as an aftermarket product/service at an approximate cost of $299.  The value at dealer aftermarket remains solid with dealer application.  Amazing Glaze owners have been uniquely thrilled with the look and performance of their vehicle exterior.  Now you can apply Amazing Glaze after a quality car wash and achieve the same outstanding results.  You can also purchase our kits and apply Amazing Glaze for others.   

The comparison value of $299, the entry-level dealer application cost, has proven its value thousands of times on vehicles better protected to withstand modern environmental pollutants and chemicals which attack the finish of your vehicle.  Now you can buy the proprietary formula, direct, the exact same which has been used in aviation and local dealerships for years.  This is a smart product with simple application, the result is a beautiful finish on your vehicle for years longer.  

Now, for the first time, consumers have direct access to our proven formula and the benefits of Amazing Glaze as an affordably-priced retail product packed with benefits and a successful history of working as promised.

Yes, this is the Amazing Glaze developed for, and used on, aircraft.  

Each kit includes:

One spray application bottle of Amazing Glaze, ample supply for properly protecting your vehicle.  

(2) Microfiber Cloths

(1) Microfiber Applicator 


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